10 - Startup Stories [part 1]- Hacking and Hustling - Sam Harris and Theo Ricketts


December 17th, 2017

49 mins 13 secs

Season 1

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We look back at the antics and chaos from a life of entrepreneurship. This raw episode shows a very real side to life without so much of the shiny edges and a lot more of the hilarious mishaps.

Since kids, Sam and Theo have found ways to make money. We discuss our ideas ranging from the ground-breakingly innovative to debatably legal and mostly chaotic. We lay bare the disasters, successes and discoveries we had along the way.

In this episode, they discuss various projects they ran in the advertising, e-commerce, travel and sex industries as well as ways to live in London for free and get paid to go on holiday.


1. Have a nice profile picture for everything:

I completely outclassed Theo on an identical listing based purely on my profile picture. As well as the fact I looked absolutely stunning in the photo, I was also holding a baby turtle which possibly helped things.

2. Do the hardest thing first:

Work out what is going to be the hardest thing for your team to accomplish and try doing it. If you aren’t ever going to be able to do maybe spend your time working on something else

3. Read science:

Open yourself up to how the world around you really works and embrace logical reasoning over sentimental thinking


Stephen Hawking — A Brief History of Time

The masterpiece on the structure, origin, development and fate of the universe whilst covering the fundamentals of what space, gravity and time actually are and how they influence everything.


You literally can’t contact Theo other than his phone and email so contact Sam and he’ll hook you up. Both very happy to discuss any of the idea’s mentioned in the show.



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