11 - Startup Stories [part 2] - Relationships - Sam Harris and Theo Ricketts


December 24th, 2017

45 mins 58 secs

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Part two of the startup stories podcasts with Theo Ricketts, we recount startup stories and issues and thoughts along the way. As well as more business ideas we go through some of our own interpersonal problems and other traits and beliefs we have that cause major issues. and best ways to resolve things.

If you didn’t listen to the first episode of the trilogy it makes sense to start there but if you're feeling lazy start here instead.


1. Relationship — Be more accepting and have fewer expectations

Don’t make any assumptions about how you expect someone to be in business or relationships. This can lead to massive problems when you are both trying to fit each other into boxes they shouldn’t be in and cause conflicts on stupid things.

Be mindful of your relationship and take regular step backs in the early days to see what is working and what isn’t and how to improve things. You can find yourselves in quickly escalating situations when you are both thinking of all the sacrifices you are making and the bad stuff the other person does, often you are both holding back on small resentments towards each other on stupid things.

Try and be more grateful for all the little things they do and be happy that you can do other things for them. This is super important for any sort of relationship, business, flatmate, travelling or a partner etc…

2. Humans are illogical

Humans are very ill-equipped to understand statistics and big numbers or what the real impact of our actions are, or even what we want to do at the right time.

Sometimes you notice these things and can break out of doing them yourself. other times it can massively confuse others when you aren’t conforming to their expectations. Depending on the scenario it might actually be better to just fit in but other times it’s good to just be yourself.

3. Listen properly to all your sources of information

I am frequently told I am a good listener and yet I still spend half my time listening for what I want to hear and choosing that as my evidence to make decisions rather than really giving the correct weight to all sources.

Theo knows his stuff. Despite his confessions to being bad with people he correctly predicted Brexit and trump presidency and my massive recent business failure due to co-founder issues.

If you want to make good decisions don’t just ignore half the information coming at you if you


Thinking Fast and Slow — Daniel Kahneman

Engaging the reader in a lively conversation about how we think, Kahneman reveals where we can and cannot trust our intuitions, how choices are made in both our business and our personal lives — and how we can use different techniques to guard against the mental glitches that often get us into trouble.


You literally can’t contact Theo other than his phone and email so contact Sam and he’ll hook you up. Both very happy to discuss any of the idea’s mentioned in the show.



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