35 - How to Make a Successful Podcast (or Other Side Project) - Sam Harris


A reflection episode on how to be more successful with your hobbies and side projects and not end up like this guy…

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Make a Successful Podcast or Side Project

The Problem with Side Projects

Many people start idea’s as a side project for it to just fizzle out, be it getting fit, learning an instrument, learning to code or starting a business. It’s really frustrating to end in failure and have wasted a bunch of time and money you’ll never get back going nowhere.

I have been recording podcasts for nearly two years and running this show for over a year. I have been running side projects since I can remember with plenty of success and failure and a whole bunch of lessons learnt. There is plenty still to learn and I don't want to pretend I am the ultimate master at any of them or at learning. However, there are some common themes I’ve noticed with my own projects and those of people who have done started their own with success.

Side Project Success

I break down some of the most important things to make your side project or hobby a successful endeavour that gives you benefits back in learning skills, making connections or growing a business.

Podcast Success (and Pitfalls)

In the second half of the episode, I dive deeper into specific lessons and surprises I've learnt from running a podcast that I wish I had been aware of when I started.

I do not claim to have a multi-million pound podcast and to be living the dream just yet. But I hit my targets for year 1 of getting 100k downloads and $100 per episode (despite them being slightly arbitrary). More importantly I got to do a bunch of really cool shit and meet awesome people and satisfy my curiosity urges. I created a brand and a podcast that now opens doors for me across the world.
I won’t pretend to give good advice on how to secure the best advertising, or get a million listeners as I simply haven’t done this. I do give advice on things like ‘how to not lose all your listeners’ or ‘waste hours editing’ as I have done both of those!


If you want any more information or advice on launching a podcast or a side project then do reach out to me on twitter as I love helping and giving advice =]


Being a Great Guest

I’ve been asked a lot about tips for being a guest by people wanting to appear on podcasts so here are some useful resources.

Guest Guidelines

These are the basic guidelines I provide to guests on my show if they need some instructions

Growth Mindset - Guest Guidelines

(being completely honest 5 pages is too long and a one pager would probably get read more often… It’s useful for me to read through it if I call a guest before hand and this basically answers all of their questions and makes sure I say the same thing.)

Ultimate Guide to Being a Podcast Guest

An in-depth blog I wrote a few months ago about how to be an awesome guest and make the podcaster interviewing you happy.

The Ultimate Guide to Being a Podcast Guest