24 - The Vegans are Taking Over - Ben Marshall

Ben Marshall


Ben Marshall is a model, body-builder and vegan working in film and media. 

Of course, we discuss a lot about health, fitness and diet, Ben also has a lot of stories to tell from aggressive time management to obsessive teeth brushing. Lots of fun for all and plenty of inspiration to hit the gym and eat less meat!

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Top Tips

1 - Modelling

research agencies and never pay up front for a shoot or let people pressure you into removing your clothes or taking drugs


2 - Workout

it’s about finding the routine that suits you and you can keep up. But also finding a way to change your routine every 4-6 weeks to keep it interesting and to stop the body from reaching a plateau. His gym routine example will be in the show notes.


3 - Food

You can totally be a complete Vegan and a shining body of health if you eat right. His standard breakfast recipe will be in the show notes.


These things looks awesome. This chocolate recipe seems totally great but also feel free to google yourself and try using carrot instead like ben suggests

Chocolate Zoats







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