27 - The Hottest Tech Innovation of the Year - Ultrahaptics




Ultrahaptics is a leading technology company making mind-blowing technology that lets users touch virtual objects in mid-air. The future is coming and they are at the pinnacle of it!

Tom invented the technology behind Ultrahaptics alongside his professor in a research lab at the University of Bristol. They have since grown the idea into one of the UK’s most innovative businesses raising multiple rounds of funding with a rapidly growing team. You don’t go through events like this without learning a lot of lessons.

This show is a repeat from last year. This year they went on to win several awards one of which was the 'Hottest Tech Innovation of the Year' so we figured it was a good time to look back at the conversation and showcase a great episode from the archive that a lot of our new listeners may have missed.

On the podcast, he shares some amazing insights into what he has learned along the way. It’s an incredible story direct from the front line and I’m sure something all listeners will want to follow updates as their tech gets into the hands of consumers over the coming years.

You can listen to the podcast here: