37 - Business Lessons from "the man who saved the BBC" - Anthony Rose, CEO SeedLegals

Top lessons from a life launching world changing tech


About Anthony Rose

Anthony is known for his work managing the launch of the BBC's iPlayer, for which Wired UK named him "the man who saved the BBC". He has founded/co-founded multiple companies including; Beamly, 6Tribes, Hey Blab, KaZaa and QJAM.
He is the current CEO of SeedLegals.com, the world’s first legal automation platform for startup funding. Rose currently holds 14 patents and has won numerous awards for his contributions to the digital product industry.


After making his stamp on how we consume audio and TV in the age of the internet, Anthony started Seed Legals to turn legal services into a digital service accessible to anyone. Seedlegals.com was started to solve his own problems and help save founders time and money to quickly get the solution they need from a team who understand start ups and law.

In the episode he recounts some of the best advice possible for any founder considering starting a business and raising money, educating us about the biggest mistakes founders make and the top tips for growing a business successfully. 

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Top Tips

This is a grossly short list of the million things I learnt in this podcast…

  1. Have a founder agreement

This is one piece of advice I do have experience in and I tell you what it saved my life.

2. There are good times and bad times to raise investment

Don’t try to raise at the same time as launching a product. Finding traction will be slower than any estimate and make it hard to raise money (and will probably just be made slower by trying to raise and not focussing on your business).

The best times to make your first raise are before you have a product launched or after you have demonstrated traction.

3. Shout about your biz

Make yourself seem big by trying to appear everywhere, Engage wherever you can in news, meet-ups, on-line groups and anywhere you can get your name out, (try appearing in podcasts!)

When small it is really important to appear like you are ‘organised’ and ‘everywhere’ and this can really boost your returns from marketing and client conversations and is also a huge boost in your ability to attract talent that you need to grow your business.


Venture Deals - Jason Mendelson and Brad Feld

A great book about the process of raising money that explains all the important things that might be presented to you in a 'terms sheet' that an investor would present to you. It also gives advice in general about how to deliver a compelling pitch, how a VC fund actually works and how to relate to VC’s.


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