34 - Foolproof Success with Bryony Thomas - Author & Founder of Watertight Marketing

Publishing and Business Lessons from a Marketing Master


Bryony Thomas has run her own marketing agency Watertight Marketing for ten years and has written an amazing book of the same title. Watertight Marketing is one of the best business books I have ever read so I’m honoured to have her on the show.

She takes us through her story of starting the business and launching a sell out book, key insights into turning a traditional time based business into a scalable machine that creates value for thousands of people. Along with some amazing life advice.

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Takes Homes from the Episode

Slow and Steady Success

Her book took 4 years to write and the workbooks another year. All the rest of the content and video’s have been in ongoing production ever since. It’s not overnight success. It’s slow and steady iteration and well thought out actions and improvements. and it’s genius!

Step Away from Your Business to Scale It

Scale yourself by stepping away from your business and not working IN your business and instead working ON it. A very four hour work week philosophy of forcing yourself to get away from things to make it work from a distance.

Stick to your Values

Be true to yourself and Don’t let people change your values or style. bryony didn’t let anyone change her title or direction of her book.

Equally when she doesn’t work on the things that offer money straight away so that she knows she is working on the things she really values and wants to achieve in the long-term. This helps her avoid getting stuck of the cycle of work you don’t want.

Publishers Don’t Help

Do your own good marketing! publishers don’t do stuff for you and it is hard. and crowdfunding can be a great way to get some people behind your book and help sell it for you. and will motivate you to bloody finish it.

Study the Best Books

you don’t learn much by reading once. re-read the really good books several times so that you are actually a knowledgable person in it.

Marketing Mindset Podcast

I am launching a new podcast called Marketing Mindset (see what I did there). It’s going to be part of my new business Postary. It’s a platform for easily sending amazing direct mail from the safety of your laptop and digital tools that people need these days like analytics and personalisation which was something you could never do before with the offline channel of print marketing. And whats more it’s all eco friendly.

Bryony is one of the first guests on the Marketing Mindset podcast and we have a specific marketing interview. This will be available in October 2018.



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