The Biggest Risk In Life - Igor Volzhanin - CEO, Datasine


Igor Volzhanin is the CEO of DataSine. A marketing business that helps businesses create personalised marketing based on the personality traits of their customers.

He has some amazing insights and unusual ideas for how to build a business and a life that one enjoys with some great advice around taking risks.

His background of 5 years in international development is paired with his knowledge of studying for a PhD in psychology which provides some fascinating theories into happiness and problems facing the world.

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Top Tips

1 - Open Up

Just be your honest self without any filter trying to cater for different people and it makes things much easier for you and for them. It is the kindest thing you can do for yourself and others by just laying yourself bare and being vulnerable and honest.

2 - Be careful what investment you accept

Their first offer they had to reject, by holding out they got into Techstars and later the investment from a Russian VC who gave them much more support as they were aligned with the goals of DataSine.

This is an easy one to say but to actually do in practice is a lot harder when you haven’t got a bunch of different investors to  choose from. It requires some real bravery to reject people if you aren’t sure if you’ll get another offer. But try to ensure your goals and the investors goals are as similar as possible

3 - Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the story of the Indian kids being so happy they got a football and could stop kicking rocks around. Whilst at the same time first world children being unhappy with receiving last years iPhone. It is such an accurate statement!

It highlights a general flaw in human psychology. Our happiness is a very weird thing that is highly affected to the context of the people around you instead of focussing purely on how lucky you are for the things you have.

So don’t compare yourself to others or feel entitled to things that you have no business being entitled to and just chill out a bit and remember to think how much worse things could be. Instead think about how much you can be grateful for.

It will do you the world of good


“The biggest risk in life is doing something you don’t like in the hope you might learn to enjoy it” - Igor Volzhanin

I love this quote so much! We risk missing out on so much in life by just doing the things we are presented with and by not taking chances. By letting our fear of the unknown control us we often never find things that truly make us happy and it is so important to take seemingly big risks less we run the biggest risk of all of having never truly lived.


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