23 - Intense Health - Stronger, Fitter, Faster with HIT - Marcelo Mesquita

The business and science behind lightning fast workouts with big results.


Marcelo Mesquita is the Founder and CEO of Intense Health, a radical new fitness chain delivering strength and fitness results with only 20-minute workouts.

We discuss the science behind the HIT movement and Marcelo's path to starting the business, from opening his first gym at 16 to competing in martial arts and body-building.


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1. Attitude to time

In so many cases you can really leverage your time and this day and age it’s something we’re all running out of. So obviously working out can be quicker, but also meditation and even sleep with new technologies. Also when it comes to business things can go much faster if you are willing to share your business with people who are experienced and know your market and how to grow and avoid mistakes. That said you should also be willing to take things slowly and sensibly and pay the price of time where its due   . Scaling a business too fast leads to mistakes and some things just need to be done methodically and patiently so that you can build a strong and stable business.

2. Attitude to Business

He saved up to invest in the equipment and took some big but calculated risks on starting it. Didn’t take investment and instead got advice and contacts from his clients a lot of whom were business professionals and he really leveraged his network and asked important questions to take things to the next level. I feel a big similarity to my approach here on the podcast so hopefully, you guys at home are getting the same benefits through listening to all the lessons I’m learning here!

3. Life Partners

He’s the first person to ever say he would find his partner earlier in life. But he gave such a good reason that he really just found his best mate that’s into all the things he likes and a shared passion to take on the world together sounds awesome. I’ve always been pretty relaxed with an attitude of the right person will come along when they come along and not worried about it. but suddenly after listening to him, maybe I should prioritise this.



Body by Science by Doug McGuff

The book that really breaks down the whole science behind High-Intensity and Low-Frequency weight training so you can understand the processes at the cellular level.


Fast Exercise by Michael Mosely

A researcher and doctors investigation into HIT training and how you can get fitter with just 120 seconds of training a week when done correctly. A very interesting book!

Fast Exercise website








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