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Mike Winnet is the UK's #1 demotivational speaker. He is the antidote to 'Contrepreneurs' that sell instant success formulas to 'Wantrepreneurs' who are never going to make it and are just wasting their money.

He believes that most people are average and should not harbour lofty ambitions to achieve their dreams and should be much happier with a simple life.

Needless to say, this sparks an interesting debate between Mike and the Growth Mindset host Sam.

You have the same number of hours in the day as the world’s most successful people. What you lack is their drive, work ethic, and talent. That’s why they are more successful than you. - Mike Winnet

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1. Don’t be a Contrepreneur!

I had only thought about how i could try to convince people that they can do more with their lives but really i want to help them live the best life they can. I don’t want to be another contrepreneur selling the message that anyone can be successful with these 5 simple tricks or something and never want to be selling conferences and course that will change your life to people whose lives I can’t change.

I really don’t want to push the message at all that things are easy or that you can get the key to happiness or success by just listening to me, you definitely have to take on the growth mindset and acknowledge and work at your weaknesses. recognise your strengths and where you can develop further and optimise your time for learning and executing and not just consuming more knowledge endlessly. anyway its a humbling realisation to be told that I could be selling false dreams to my listeners but it’s great to make sure I focus on really only making content that is really useful and isn’t just click-baity crap.

2. You are the content you consume

So important these days. it’s super easy to get caught up with your social media feed and going on a 2 hour youtube binge or watching netflix or love island (well at least that’s what i hear, i could literally never watch love island) but anyway the point is that the internet and technology is a real amplifier and can be dangerous.

It gives great access to science and learning but at the same time unlimited content that it useless and depending on what you choose to consume will really affect you. You are the direct result of the information your taking in and if your constantly on social media then your never going to be successful and you are pretty much just making yourself stupider. if you can optimise your time for reading quality content and learning then the world is your oyster

3. You Can’t Buy Instant Success

Wether someone is selling the key to business success or a zero to hero coding course in three months the facts of life is that you nothing is that easy. Anyone offering something like this is a liar and you are literally wasting your money if you expect to just pay £1000 and have everything sorted out for you. It takes work.

To run a business you need to dedicate all the hours to get it off the ground. To become a coder you need to really learn the fundamentals before paying for any bootcamp course or you have no chance of learning much at all whilst you are there. Trust me!


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The Rules of Wealth' is a set of behaviours that separate the wealthier from the less wealthy. They are a personal code for a more prosperous life.

Are You Average - Mike Winnet


Motivational speakers like Tony Robbins have got ordinary Joe’s like you so pumped up and ready to “crush it", that society is overrun with wannabe entrepreneurs. And that's dangerous. The rise of social media has got everyone believing they can run an online business. But if everyone is focused on their side hustle, who's going to do the real jobs?

So this book is to stop any idea you may have of making the world a better place and just getting you to accept this is it. It’s time to admit that you’re average.


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