42: Songwriting, Travelling and Politics - Steve Kopandy

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Steve is a songwriter and traveller with the enviable situation of spending most of his time doing what he loves.
For his day job he plays Howard in the Take That Experience which leads to him travelling round the world and going on cruises and is just a crazy unusual thing to be doing that I wanted to know more about.

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Steve’s Top Tips

1 - Focus

Stop trying to be good at everything. Find your thing and be awesome at that and that’s how you find success. Stop being okay at everything and go for excellence

2 - Pay attention to what’s going on

I’ve always been interested in Politics but never wanted to spend any time learning about it but actually it is worth spending some time studying whats happening and why. It does massively effect the world you live in so it makes sense to actually understand how it works and why things happen the way they do.

3 - Make a point to ask different Questions

Any one with any sort of fame get asked all the same questions and it is incredibly boring for them. If you want to have a good conversation with them and be remembered ask them something different. Steve didn’t even remember the question this lady asked him but he did remember that he really liked her and just talking about something else!


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