The Future of Supply Chains - Ben King, CEO - Pesky Fish

Ben King is the CEO of Pesky Fish. They run an amazing service connecting consumers directly to fisherman on boats so that you can buy fresh fish as it is caught and have it delivered to your door in hours.

We talk about solving supply chain issues in food whilst creating transparency around what we eat, as well as a multitude of other topics:

  • Hiring mistakes and lessons

  • Educating consumers

  • How to make a good pitch to investors

  • How to launch a ski resort

  • The benefits of nearly dying

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Top Tips

1. Hire based on interest

Don’t hire people based on what is on their CV and the skills they apparently have. Make your decisions based on who is genuinely interested, passionate and motivated to achieve the vision you have for the company. They may have a bigger learning curve but the work they do will be ten times better

2. Tell a good story

By telling a story that really pulled on the heart strings Ben got a crazy level of interest from investors at the Techstars DemoDay. he started with a video from one of his fisherman explaining how his life has been changed thanks to pesky fish. He makes more money more reliably from working with the app and doesn’t need to risk his life going out in dangerous seas to make ends meet. By telling a story that people understood and buy into the concept which massively increased his chances of success.

3. The world of food is changing

Chef’s and consumers expect to be able to get hold of better products faster and more transparently. The next five years is going to have a radical shift in the food chain as people become more connected with the sources of their food. Seeing how a company like Pesky Fish operates opened my eyes and once you see how it could be it seems ridiculous to think it could ever go backwards.


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