AI Solutions in Finance - Chandini Jain, CEO Auquan

Chandini Jain is the founder and CEO of Auquan. Their platform provides Machine Learning solutions for big finance.


Chandini took her experience as a financial trader and built her own platform to take on the problems she saw. She has grown the business Auquan into a platform that empowers big finance to get solutions from ML coders across the world.

Auquan is an alumnus of the TechStars London accelerator and has gone on to raise funding and take the business to the next level. Chandini recounts her lessons from trading and tech world and raising finance.

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Top Tips

Don’t Micromanage

It is so hard to let go of your baby. whether a mother with her child or a CEO with a business. At some point you need to let go so it can learn to take care of itself some more and ultimately become much stronger without your control.

Do Market Research

It might not be fun or feel like progress. You often risk finding out that you are wrong yourself. Instead of working on your baby as it should be in your mind, you may need to change your precious idea.

Validating your idea properly will save a lot of time and money to you can build the right thing the first time.

Practice Pitching to Everyone

Talk to as many people about your idea as possible. Every conversation will help you become more clearer in what your mission is and at helping people understand it.

Just because someone doesn’t seem relevant you never know who they might put you in contact with. You should just treat all people as if they have the power to make your dreams come true.