Launch Lessons in Podcasting and Business - Daniel Murray Serter - Host Secret Leaders Podcast

Daniel Murray-Serter is a serial entrepreneur who hosts the Secret Leaders Podcast and is launching his latest business Dawn.


The Secret Leaders is one of the top business podcasts on iTunes and we discuss our lessons growing our podcasts and how he managed to achieve great results in a part-time project. We discuss top lessons:

  • How to interview

  • Gear set up and sound

  • Where to record

  • Editing podcasts

  • Getting Listeners


After a career in advertising, Dan is a master of getting attention and users for his ideas. He went into the world of startup and sold £1 mill of product in the first week of one startup and achieved over 10,000 downloads on the day he released a fashion app. We discuss:

  • Biggest mistakes

  • Founder issues

  • Raising and returning capital

  • When to call quits

  • Creating compelling offers

  • Defining a Name and a Brand early

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We also discuss plans for Dan’s current start up and how he is growing his email newsletter. I highly recommend you sign up to learn the latest science on health and wellbeing in a highly enjoyable newsletter

Top Tips

1. Shut up an listen

If you're interviewing someone, use your ears and not your mouth. Every time you're speaking that is a time when your guest isn’t. Your podcasts or any form of interviews get much better when you stop trying to control the interview and make it about you and just focus on the person you’re talking to.

2. Plan out your idea

With solid preparation, Dan managed to get 10,000 users in one night. That is insane. Compared to so many ideas I’ve seen with people spending years to get a thousand users. Caught up in running around doing all these different things and not using focussed effort on the most important areas to get the most leverage.

This is definitely a great example of the 80/20 rule and focusing on what matters.

3. Focus on a Niche

Dan’s podcast is highly focused on just Great Business Leaders with a crazy amount of experience. He releases 16 episodes a year and in 2 years already had over a million listens, and I'm sure this year it’s going stratospheric. When you focus on just a quality niche it’s much easier to grow what you do and can take a lot less effort.

It a sad truth that I am just too interested in too many things to nail myself down to one concept for the podcast and love being available to talk to any fascinating human. But, I’m definitely changing tactics to become a seasonal podcast where I go deep on one niche at a time and really make high-quality content for one field at a time.


I know for a fact some of Dan’s favourite books are ‘Lost Connections’ by Johann Hari and ‘12 Rules for Life’ by Jordan Peterson.

Another favourite is ‘How To Change Your Mind’ by Michael Pollan, which we will both discuss in depth on a future podcast you can look forward to in my upcoming Mindset bookclub.

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