How to Stop Being Boring - Mat Braddy, ex CMO Just Eat (Brand founder)


Mat Braddy was the CMO and brand founder of Just Eat during their meteoric rise from a small tech startup to their IPO at ~$2 billion.

As their CMO Mat was in charge of creating the brand that changed the face of takeaways as we know it. His background in creative marketing provides fascinating insights into how to build a creative vision that consumers buy into and notice.

We talk about his work since with Rock, Pamper, Scissors and his new project to help reduce finance problems from Overdrafts with the company Updraft.

With his success from the Just Eat IPO we also dive into topics such as what does a human do when they don't need to work for money at all and existential questions about how to find meaning in your life when it doesn't have meaning.

Top Tips

1. Tell a story that is different

1. People don’t care about advertising or what it is you’re up to. It is really hard to build a brand. To make a campaign that people actually engage with you have to push the boat out and really make people think about what you are telling them and make it something memorable.

2. Have a purpose

1. Things get pretty depressing pretty quickly when you don’t have a purpose. It’s really interesting to see what happens in life when you have basically arrived at all the metrics of success one needs to achieve in one life. What the hell do you then go and do?

3. Be nice

1. Looking after those around you and giving back to people that helped you or people that can learn from you is really important and a crucial way to not get too caught up in all your own problems and be grateful for what you do have.

Bonus - Brand Trumps Data

Many marketers obsessively focus on all important metrics to drive success. Of course, success is defined by the metrics you track. However, this can lead to marketing teams ignoring their brand, as it is a hard intangible metric to measure.
Mat makes the point that when you make brand your top metric to work towards then all your other metrics will go up anyway. So you should never ignore your brand!


Eat The Big Fish By Adam Morgan

This is all about taking a smaller brand and challenging the big brands in the market and beating them, which is exactly what Just Eat did and thus a perfect book for further reading.

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

A masterpiece on the evolution and history of the entire human species up to today and why the world is how it is and a beautiful insight into human minds.

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Mats Current Projects

His main goal is developing his screen writing and film career. When he isn’t doing that he is mentoring startups that are striving to make a difference in the world.

His two biggest projects at the moment:


An innovative solution to help reduce the negative impact of Overdrafts.

You can use Updraft to replace your expensive overdraft and chip away at your debt. Updraft predicts your spending and alerts you before you overspend. If your in an overdraft they can replace it with a low cost loan so it’s easier to get out of your overdraft.

Patch Property

Renting has become increasingly difficult. At Patch, their vision is to make life easier for those involved in renting in as many ways as we can.

If you're looking to rent they can help you improve your credit score and provide a low cost loan to cover your deposit. The aim is to help you get on the ladder with a flat you want and to make it more affordable.

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