Creative Healing - Naveen Arles BCA - Founder London International Gospel Choir

Who is Naveen Arles?

Naveen Arles BCA is the founder of the London International Gospel Choir. He was awarded a British Citizens Award for his work in the arts and creative healing.

As well as running the choir full time (currently on tour with Take That) he runs various singing related projects to help people in the community helping hospital patients, mental health sufferers and prison inmates find joy and peace.

As an immigrant to Britain, he educates me on the concept of Third Culture Kids and how to make friends anywhere. His wealth of experience leads to fascinating insights and mindsets for success in the arts and life in general.

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Top Tips

1. Learn to say No

Sometimes your greatest strength can be your greatest weakness and when you love helping people and delivering over and above what is asked for you quickly find yourself spread to thin and things become stressful difficult and not as good as they should be. Both Nav and I suffer from this and when you learn to say no and be protective of your time to truly deliver at a top level on just a few focused projects things get a whole lot better

2. Only Do it if you Love it

To succeed in the arts you have to just love the art that you are doing, whether it is writing, painting or music. it shouldn’t be about fame or other things because that won’t come instantly and you won’t enjoy yourself. you will constantly be questioned and challenged by what you're doing and if you don’t love it you will give up. I really liked his example that a banker doesn’t have to get tested to see if he can be a banker every week, but as an artist, you are constantly auditioning to even be able to do your job.

This leads nicely into another important point about

3. Have the Right Goals and Metrics of Success

When the choir were in a big competition and put in loads of work and hours they had an awesome experience and massively grew the profile of the choir, every person involved gained new skills and they made beautiful music. yet because they didn’t win the competition they felt like failures. if you removed the bit where you mention your in a competition and just say that your going to be in TV to millions of people and be awesome that sounds great and hardly something to get depressed about. So before you do anything it is important to remind yourself what is the real value from what you are doing and what you want to get out of it before you chase the wrong goals.

Bonus Tip - Nominate Someone For an Award

Being nominated for a BCA was one of the best things that happened to him and also thoroughly deserving. Similarly, with a previous guest Lisa Forte who was nominated for top 100 women in Tech it's great when someone who really deserves recognition gets it. So I’m pretty sure we all must know someone in our community that deserves more recognition. So just nominate them. Whether it's for a BCA or Top person in Tech or any other award. If someone has been making your day brighter give back and give them a nomination. If they are doing great work already they’ll be able to do twice as much if you give them a little bit of help.

When developing gratitude they say you should write more letters to people deserving, but going one step further and getting them a nice award is five times better and I”m sure you will feel fantastic if your favourite local hero gets an award because of you. It really is the least you can do


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