73: Getting People to Think Your Idea is Their Idea - Oren Klaff, bestselling Author & Investor

Oren Klaff is a sales genius and investor with 2 bestselling books and a tonne of great ideas.

The renowned classic, ‘Pitch Anything’ designed to help you understand how to make a compelling pitch using neuroeconomics. And now his new book, ‘Flip the Script’ which is designed to help you make people think your idea is their idea so they readily accept it.

With a wealth of experience from making deals and living a fascinating life, it was an honour to chat through some of his insights. Oren neatly bottles his wisdom in his writing that millions have enjoyed and it was great to find out about the challenges he faced.

On the show we discuss his life story, get coached in sales and receive some huge life tips that we should all take on board.

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Top Tips

Neediness Kills Deals

If you come across as desperate people see that you really want something out of them and it turns them off. Whether we are talking about relationships or business deals do not be needy!

Luck and Hard Work

There is not one specific tool for success. You just have to commit to reliable hard work and showing up and putting yourself in a position where you can get lucky.

Just do Things

You don’t learn by reading you learn by doing. There is great content out there to learn stuff but it only has value as a supplement to experience. It means nothing if you just read it and don’t implement it.


There are many ways to view the world. Think about how your frame of things doesn’t match reality and in what frame the person you are talking to is thinking. We make crazy assumptions and miss so much stuff. Think about how you can expand your frame.

Prove your Skills

Prove your worth don’t tell your worth. Words are meaningless. People forget the details of anything you do but they remember how you make them feel. You only make someone feel like you are an expert at something by literally doing that thing in front of them, not by talking about it.