57. How To Get Press and Grow Your Brand - Rafael Dos Santos (CEO, High Profile Club)

Rafael Dos Santos is the CEO of the High Profile Club. He is passionate about helping people grow their brand and achieve success. His efforts have resulted in him being named one of the Sunday Times 100 most Inspiring Entrepreneurs.

He migrated to the UK from Brazil and launched his first business when he realised he couldn't get a good job. He has hustled his way from success to success since then. He has written his own book about succeeding as a migrant entrepreneur and travelled the world Public speaking.

On the podcast we discuss:

  • How to deal with language issues in a new country

  • How to start a business when you don’t know anyone

  • How to write a book

  • The top things you need to do to get PR and the big mistakes people make

  • Rafael's vision for the future

Tip tips

  1. Everyone is PRable. But you need to do it right:

    1. Have a tangible story - you need to have a cool story that ideally has some concrete metrics behind it that can people can understand and this will help a journalist tell a story

    2. Choose your one thing - To get press journalists want to have a succint 50 word summary. make it easy for them and focus on one thing that you are an expert at that you want to be known for. If you try and do multiple things at once you just end up in a mess that doesn’t go anywhere. This is a wider lesson for life as well as your PR

  2. Everything gets easier

    • A number of times Rafael was challenged but he embraced the difficulties and fears and they all become much easier over time. He was challenged starting his first business, and every business after that. He was challenged by writing a book. He was challenged by living in the UK. The pain goes and it’s important to remember that and not let our fears and difficulties overcome us.


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