71: The Mindsets for Leadership and Success - Ryan Gottfredson PhD

Ryan Gottfredson is an innovative researcher and coach in the mindsets behind success and leadership. We discuss his top findings and the key mindsets that make a successful leader.

The Four Main Mindsets discussed:

  • Fixed vs. Growth

  • Closed vs. Open

  • Prevention vs. Promotion

  • Inward vs. Outward

We also branch into many fascinating topics to end up with a really educational podcast to help make you a lot wiser. I spent the entire podcast just enjoying myself learning from Ryan’s wisdom and research. He is a really curious and passionate dude who has been doing great work.

I love how humble Ryan is about the fact that he registered on the wrong end of the scale for all of the success mindsets when he first started. His progress in these fields show that they can be developed and is an inspiration to us all. Listen to the show to learn how you can improve yourself!

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Ryans Book - Success Mindsets

I had the great pleasure of editing some of the chapters in this book. I can confirm it’s a great read and worth ordering for sure.