58. Travis Jones - CEO, RBT Gym Group [Launching gyms, businesses and dreams]

Travis Jones is a relentless entrepreneur and all round good guy. He lives in Melbourne where he runs several businesses and charities as well as inspiring and coaching people in business, sport and life. It was an honour to talk to someone with so much focus and tenacity. He wasn’t always given the best hand from life so he just went and made his own opportunities.

Travis’ Current projects:

  • RBT Gym Group - His chain of 'Results Based' gyms

  • Think Tank - Business Coaching

  • Attain Digital - Digital Marketing Agency

  • If Not Now Then When - Foundation for children


We discuss a multitude of topics on the podcast and it was a joy to learn from such a fascinating set of experiences. On the podcast you can enjoy learning more about:

  • Victim vs. Victor Mindsets

  • Nearly dying and coming back from it

  • How to find a wife

  • How to launch a gym (or any project)

  • How to raise money in a tight spot

  • The future of the gym industry

  • What the next wave of digital will do to exercise

  • The best tips and worst mistakes people make in marketing

  • Parenting lessons

  • The importance of giving back


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