18 - Sentient - The World's Most Powerful Distributed AI Platform - Antoine Blondeau

From growing a business in stealth mode to cultivating an attitude of self improvement

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Antoine created the technology behind Siri which he sold to Apple. He is currently the founder of Sentient Technologies, one of the worlds leading AI businesses. In his spare time he is a mentor at Zeroth AI where he is a source of brilliant advice.

We cover some awesome topics about the future and the past, dealing with problems at a personnel level to threats facing the whole of humanity. Some huge idea’s that made my head spin at the time and lead to me conducting some very rapid reading up on latest tech idea's.

Anyone interested in Tech and the future or just being a better person will learn plenty from Antoine.


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  1. Growth Mindset

You can literally achieve seriously big goals if you work for them. grandfather carried on with his life with a positive attitude and went on to do incredible things without giving up. Running a business and not giving u on his personal hobbies. I don’t think i’ll ever forget the story of Antoine playing chess with him, that is truly incredible.


2. Challenge Yourself and don't be afraid to take a pay cut

Open yourself to interesting challenges and learning experiences at every point. America vs. Japan —> choose japan. Taking the next job up the chain vs a step down in a new avenue where you can learn loads more.


3. Ask candidates what others think of them

You can get a lot more insight into how a person actually functions by asking what others think of them rather than just asking for their strengths and weaknesses.



A huge fan of history and reading real books. I would love a chance to look into his personal library. but for now we have these books from him as his must reads.


Lost Illusions (La Comédie Humaine #38) -  Honoré de Balzac

I’d never heard of this book but on investigation it sounds amazing. It seems to be considered one of the Great french classics that is taught in school but much more appreciated as an adult and I really can’t wait to read it. It seems to be a coming of age novel about a french man who moves to Paris to seek love and glory and i’m hoping to get insights on life and France all in a beautiful novel. 



It covers the story behind the H-bomb as well as The entire path of edward teller leading up to and after it. He also recounts the effects had on him from his relationships with great minds like einstein, von neuman, borr and fermi. So another book I”m excited to read.


Nothing to Envy - by Barbara Demick.

This book had a huge effect on me really learning how an entire society can be controlled by their rulers and that it’s actually still going on today just made it feel all the more real and worrying. So a truly great book that covers the story of several families in North Korea from the end of the war up until today. Possibly the best book I read last year.






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