15 - Living the 4 hour work week - Felix Chandler

Escape the rat race and follow your dreams — The joys and woes of the nomad lifestyle.


Felix Chandler is a digital nomad, entrepreneur and chess teacher. He also teaches yoga and practices massage therapy. Felix is one of those people who is just overwhelmingly comfortable in his own skin and just at peace all the time. He is also bloody lovely and has a perfect body and life seems to be going far to well.


We delve into his background and the things he went through to achieve his current state of general enlightened happiness. Funny stories about starting a nomad business and some of the best examples of how to apply the 80:20 rule in places you wouldn’t think possible to really achieve the life you want.


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80:20 - Really assess how to optimise your time and money.

You can save so much hassle and time by really assessing where your time is being spent and what you get from it. Felix shares a great example from his remote business where he didn’t charge a client up front and avoided extra hours worth of email to clarify on price and getting them to send half money now before starting work and then half when complete etc... If you lose 10% of leads but save 80% of time you are going to be much richer! You can deal with more clients. It also saves them time giving them a better experience, they are less likely to cancel and they also appreciate your trust and are more likely to book again.

Everyone wins.


You need a fire under your arse to do big things!

To really be successful and grow a business you need serious energy and drive to solve problems and deal with admin headaches. If you start a business to just solve a short term problem you will lose the fire and likely not turn the business into a big thing. You need to have real passion and drive to continuously dedicate to a project.


You can be very Content with Minimalasm

You can be very happy by needing less. Reduce expectations of what you need to be happy and life can be very gratifying and rewarding. You don’t need to waste time working in a job you don’t like and spend it on the beach and reading and doing art if you spend less,


Life is now

Don’t seek something in the future. You need to be content and happy in the now. If you can’t learn this then you won’t be content in the future because you will be seeking something else!




4 Hour Work Week - Timothy Ferris

A classic book. You won't end up working just 4 hours a week after reading it, but the way you think about work and life will never be the same. Learn to optimise your short time on this earth to spend as much of it doing what you enjoy and maximise the output of your labour to suit your needs.

Sapiens and Homo Deus - Yuval Noah Hurari

Bloody great books on everything about humans. Read them and be enlighted on the world around you!




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