17 - Dream It, Do It - Katherina-Olivia Lacey

From quitting your job to selling your first business



Katharina is a young start up founder who runs a logistics business based out of Singapore. She was a venture partner of the Zeroth.ai accelerator where she gives fabulous advice and mentorship.

Originally from Bolivia she has a diverse life history with a number of lessons and stories along the way, including quitting her job to start a business with her new life partner. Not part of the typical formula for success she's fought the battles to make everything a success regardless.

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  1. Dream it and Just Do IT

You really can just decide to quit your job and go off into the sunset with your partner and start a business when you don’t even know what it will be. This may sound a bit silly but when you aren’t happy with your situation you really can just aim for your dream of how you want things to be and not even know what it will be and yet still get there if you work for it. I find this very very inspiring.


2. sell with confidence

You don’t need to be specifically qualified or a big business to aim high and secure big clients. If you believe you can solve a problem for people then just do it and talk to the big scary companies you should be talking to. I was also quite surprised to find they were a team of only 4 people, it really shows you can run a great business by keeping it simple with a small team and still trade with the big guys


3. Importance of self-care

Whether is meditating or taking a walk or watching movies and hitting the gym everyday it’s important to take some time for yourself to ensure you have balance in your life and are doing things on your terms. There’s a huge shift in the mentality of you choosing to be there and working on the things you should be rather than the work choosing itself for you and you feeling like you are just putting out fires endlessly without any control of where the next fire will be.




A big fan of the classics which you can totally download for free win. Pride and prejudice, to kill a mockingbird, 1984.  If you had to read them when you were younger and didn’t get them they really are worth picking up again. and if you never read them then sort your life out. you can just search free audiobook player in any app store and get an app that downloads any of the old classics, so no excuses.








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