16 - Basic Formula for Success and Happiness - Nick White

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Nick White is the head of the AI department at Zeroth.ai. He helps startups in the accelerator to make the most of their potential with AI and grow their business. He also speaks and writes on AI and has a great medium blog, as well as practicing yoga and surfing in his spare time.

Originally from Hawaii he has some amazing life experiences we can learn from and has lots of great ideas and stories we can all enjoy.

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  1. Mastery Takes Time

You can master anything with dedication and starting small. As part of the philosophy of the biggest journey still starts with a single step, if you have  a passion project there is no reason to put it off and spending a small amount of time each day can quickly add up. Like the hare and the tortoise, if you can be dedicated and not bite off more than you can chew you will surely win.


2. sacrifices are a part of life

It's great to be free and open to any opportunity. But if you want to master something and succeed you have to make sacrifices. Whether that is travelling less and having a home, or planning things in a calendar far in the future and sticking to it. I really love this attitude. Nick doesn't let the fact he is missing out on growing a successful banana ice cream biz with his mates get him down, instead he accepted that he made a logical choice to pursue AI and he couldn't do both successfully.


3. Don’t lose touch with who you are.

It’s great to be shaped by your experiences and adapt to life in different situations, but don’t let yourself lose the values that make you great. Big cities can be cold places with little reason to be nice to those around you but wherever possible give the world a smile and make friendships with the people you come into contact even if only fleetingly. + it’ll make you happier =]




An avid reader. Some of his favourite books on AI and our future are:

Deep learning - Yoshua Bengio



Humans Need not Apply - Jerry Kaplan



Sapiens and Homo Deus - Yuval Noah Harari

Bloody great books on everything about humans. Read them and be enlightened on the world around you!


Principles - Ray Dalio

A legendary investor he has a great set of guiding principles to life that have helped him be so successful and happy with his life and they serve as a great toolset for everyone.


Understanding AI Blogpost

Nick has co-created a great and lengthy article on AI which covers basically everything you need to know about how it works and where to get started if you are keen on dabbling in the field or just knowing how the hell it works. So uncover the inner magic and read on.








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