33 - One Year of Wisdom - The Greatest Lessons and Stories from a Year of Podcasting

What you can learn from spending a year interviewing geniuses and crazy people


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We are super pleased to announce the Growth Mindset Podcast is a one-year-old!

Sam takes a look back across the year and showcases some of the absolute best stories and lessons from the podcast. A great episode if you are looking for where to start and to give you an idea of the different sorts of guests we have on the show.

We hear from serial entrepreneurs to a real-life hitman about their stories starting businesses, amazing acts of kindness and what happens when you get pushed to the edge.

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Guests in the episode

Tomiwa Adey

A serial entrepreneur and digital nomad and old time friend. This was the first episode of the podcast and still a classic.

01 - Finding Your Hustle - Tomiwa Adey


Nick Miller

CEO of Buzzhire and three Rocket internet startups as well as plenty of other hustles. A lifetime of entrepreneurship has made Nick into a gold-mine of information. A must listen to any aspiring entrepreneur, especially someone considering raising finance

07 - Raising Finance and CEO Lessons - Nick Miller


Felix Chandler

A nomad, yoga teacher and opportunistic entrepreneur. Felix is a great pracitioner of the 4 Hour Work Week book and used it to work remotely around the world before settling into running a business teaching kids chess.

14 - Living the 4-Hour-Work-Week - Felix Chandler


Antoine Blondeau

Antoine is the inventor of Siri and the Cofounder of Sentient Technologies a billion dollar AI business doing some amazing stuff. He has an incredible life story and great advice on how to make the most of opportunities.

17 - Sentient - The World’s Most Powerful Distributed AI - Antoine Blondeau


Anonymous Guest - Hitman

Amazingly I managed to get hold of a real-life hitman and find out his story that lead to him living a life where he kills people for his profession. IT is a tragic and slightly disturbing episode at the same time as being one of the most insightful moments of my life.

29 - My Conversation with a Hitman - Sam Harris


Anonymous Guest - Hacker

I interview a hacker who has done some very dangerous and high profile hacks before turning to a more ethical life of helping secure businesses from hackers. He tells some amazing stories as well as providing incredibly useful information in how to protect yourself online.

28 - Stealing Bitcoins and Hacking World Banks - Anonymous


Viktor Nebahaj - Freetrade.io

Viktor is the Head of Growth for FreeTrade.io. I interviewed him and the CEO Adam Dodds to talk all things tech startup and investing as they launch their new trading platform to provide free trading for UK investors. He also treats to some golden life advice.

19 - Launching a Trading Platform - Freetrade


Dean Hume

Dean Hume was the CTO of Settled.co.uk and author of ‘How to Grow StartUp Teams’ and three software books. An overwhelmingly sound bloke who tells it like it is and has a great story.

02 - Growing Startup Teams - Dean Hume


Ben Marshall

Ben is a body builder, a model and a vegan! A pretty inspiring combination and he is certainly doing it in style. He gives great advice on training regimes, the world of modelling and being a vegan. A great episode for the health conscious or those wanting to know more about modelling.


23 - The Vegans are Taking Over - Ben Marshall


Rob Price

Rob is a Philosopher and English Teacher who was just a lot of fun to talk to. He has some great viewpoints on what things really are and could be likened to an English version of Jordan Peterson.

24 - What is the Point of Anything - Rob Price


Bob Asim

Bob works in the Pharmaceutical industry and is quite easily the kindest human being I have ever met. His philosophies on life are not just amazingly kind but also completely genius for living a more satisfied and happy life yourself. Everyone should listen to this episode!

20 - The Simple Art of Happiness





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