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Sherman Lee

Sherman Lee is an inspiring entrepreneur and fun guy to hang out with. He has extensive experience in social media, bots, growth hacking, crypto currencies of which he has businesses involved in all of these things. Somehow he finds the time to write for major publications such as Forbes and the Huffington Post.


We discuss key insights on how to growth hack your business as well as developing your own personal skills and function as a human being. As usual I learn more than I expected and want to spend another 3 hours interviewing him….


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  1. Use Forcing Functions to Make Yourself Grow

A big motivator is a great way to really force yourself to tackle your demons and grow. Putting yourself out there in a sink or swim situation is the best way to learn fast and hard. Sherman was terrified of sales but running out of money he finally actually charged for his products and learnt how to sell them


2.Don't Do Everything Yourself

'Someone else is always better than you at something' - Don't try and take everything on yourself because you aren't even the best person to do everything. People can help your idea or teach you much faster than if you do everything by yourself.


3. Mums are awesome

Mums put in a lot of effort. Be nice to them, thank them, do random acts of kindness.



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