Growth Mindset Podcast

Growth Mindset Podcast

A growth mindset is the belief that you can do anything if you work for it.
Your host Sam Harris finds remarkable individuals doing extraordinary things and breaks the processes down to show how anyone can achieve anything.

Sam has launched several businesses, travelled the world, and nearly died a few times, all in the spirit of curiosity and adventure. Some highlights include touring North Korea to hitch-hiking across Kazakhstan. He brings his insatiable appetite for learning to the podcast and challenges his guests with unusual questions to bring listeners unique insights.

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Dan Murray-Serter: Know your purpose

Nov. 29, 2022

Dan Murray-Serter runs the UK's number 1 careers podcast. He shares his top mindsets for success and tools for positive psychology.

Be more interesting by being yourself

Nov. 15, 2022

What are the blockers that get in the way of being yourself and how can you become more interesting by being uniquely you?

PreMint: Solve real problems and don't give up

Nov. 2, 2022

PreMint founder Brendan Mulligan shares his lessons from building several businesses. He sold LaunchKit to Google and currently runs PodPage and PreMint.

How we lose track of Reality and where to find it

Oct. 18, 2022

Get yourself back in the zone with practical lessons and tactics

Journey vs. Destination - Optimising the right things

Oct. 7, 2022

Goals are important to achieve, but they can distract us from living a life of meaning. Chasing the wrong things is a sure way to waste your life. Learn to make better decisions by improving your mindsets.

Better Decisions - Thinking in Bets

Sept. 20, 2022

The best lessons for life and success from Annie Duke's book "Thinking in Bets"