Aug. 9, 2022

Own how others affect you

Own how others affect you

How to be yourself and control how others affect you

We are often told we are the product of the 5 people we spend the most time with. This episode explores the cases where this isn't true and what we can learn from examining the relationships we have.
We learn that actually, the most significant effect is from those that prevent us from being ourselves. Otherwise, we are free to choose the qualities we are inspired by regardless of how much time we spend with people.

Questions to reflect on
  • What are my strengths? When do I feel like I am being myself?

  • I am putting my energy directly into the thing I want to do or is it postponed for some reason?
    • Is there a faster way to reach the lifestyle I want?

  • Who are my idols? Why do I look up to them? Could I have better idols?

  • Who are 5 cool but very different friends to me, what would they tell me to do?

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  • 00:00 - What is a growth mindset
  • 00:20 - You are not the 5 people you spend time with
  • 01:00 - Be yourself
  • 01:23 - The skier parable
  • 04:08 - Don't be blocked from being yourself
  • 04:40 - Best friends
  • 06:30 - Opposite can work
  • 08:50 - Choose your inspiration
  • 09:36 - Small encounters can have butterfly effects
  • 10:53 - Prioritise healthy relationships
  • 11:30 - Avoid being generic groups/cliques
  • 12:08 - Sahil Lavingia and GumRoad
  • 13:53 - Variety is the spice of life
  • 14:53 - Questions to journal on (see above)
  • 16:05 - Life tips

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