May 2, 2023

Build focus - With Nir Eyal

Build focus - With Nir Eyal

Stop distractions from blocking your ability to complete your ideas

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Nir Eyal is a behavioural expert and bestselling author in the field of attention. His work to help people become Indistractable has helped people create systems and mindsets for building focus.

We all know what we need to do to achieve most of our goals. Yet we don't achieve them because of unplanned distractions and poor attention management. To live the life we truly want we need to learn the art of managing distraction and becoming indistractable.

We discuss the biggest insights from years of research and science to help you live with more peace and less chaos whilst you get the important things done whilst also enjoying down time.

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00:00 Introduction to building focus - Nir Eyal

02:48 What is Distraction 

03:58 Any action can be traction or distraction

07:22 Sam's 10 day meditation

08:21 Story behind how everything happened - got distracted whilst spending time with her daughter

10:26 Reason why we get distracted - internal triggers

13:49 Vipassana 10-day retreats

15:06 Feeling bad is not bad

18:59 BetterHelp advert

20:31 Detachment from reality

22:56 syncify

23:18 Making pacts - Price, Effort, Identity

23:39 Effort pact

24:57 Price pact

25:10 Identity pact

26:03 Cigarettes and being indistractable

33:20 Nir's next mission

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