April 11, 2023

Building More Excitement into Your Life

Building More Excitement into Your Life

Alastair Humphreys was the National Geographics adventurer of the year and author of several books on culturing an adventurous spirit and mindset

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Alastair Humphreys is the author of my all-time favorite books on the topic of adventure and getting more out of life.

He was awarded the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award for his work. He cycled around the world over four years and has since rowed the Atlantic, ran the Marathon de Sables, and walked across India amongst numerous other adventures.

Perhaps his greatest success, however, is pioneering the concept of micro-adventures, encouraging anyone to experience the outdoors and thrillseeking within an hour of their doorstep.

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:34 Quick fire questions
  • 05:12 How do you define success and happiness
  • 06:04 What are your internal measures
  • 07:14 Adventures
  • 07:56 Why should we be adventurous
  • 09:50 What were the things people need to hear on how to start an adventure
  • 11:15 Microadventures
  • 12:19 Hardest part of adventure is daring yourself to get out
  • 13:24 3 biggest questions when it comes to time - calendar, routines, little margins of time 
  • 16:13 Money to adventure ratio
  • 21:18 Follow up on other advice about money for adventure - Just GO
  • 22:31 How does Alistair help people address those questions on expertise to be an adventurer
  • 26:01 SPONSOR - Hostinger
  • 27:33 SPONSOR - BetterHelp
  • 29:15 Mindset framework around finding a sustainable adventure and career
  • 32:36 Going back, would Alastair done something different
  • 35:50 Essay - A thousand true fans
  • 37:02 GeoWizard Tangent
  • 38:33 3 stages of flabbiness
  • 39:47 Physical Flabbiness
  • 40:17 Mental Flabbiness
  • 40:38 Moral Flabbiness
  • 42:16 Dealing with Mental Flabbiness
  • 43:05 Habit Calendar
  • 44:35 Pull-up or Press-up challenge
  • 46:32 Hardest cultural difference Alastair navigated during an adventure
  • 49:01 Maintaining relationships and adventures
  • 50:44 Kindest thing
  • 54:11 Earliest memories
  • 55:07 Advice to your 20 yr old self
  • 56:14 What's Sam's next adventure

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