June 7, 2022

Failing Your Way to Success

Failing Your Way to Success

Failing is only a problem if you aren't learning. Eccie Newton tells us some of the incredible failures along the way to her leading Karma Kitchen, a business that's raised over £350 million and solving some big problems.

Are worried about failure?

Eccie Newton tells us the stories of relentless chaos and upheaval building her corporate catering idea into a company that's raised over £350 million.

"For one thing to go right, a hundred things had to go wrong."

Eccie has countless stories of resilience and strength and this is a must listen for any growth mindset or business enthusiasts.


00:01:34 Working through the "Trough of sadness"

00:03:22 No no, everything went wrong, Literally Everything

00:04:26 Epic Pie day failure

00:05:58 First ever VC meeting

00:08:23 Raw is More Cookbook

00:11:16 Scaling up mistakes

00:14:08 Why even start a business

00:17:07 Work with the right people

00:18:14 Earliest vivid memory - Infinity

00:19:56 Kindest thing - Forgiveness

00:21:41 Round Up and Reflection


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