May 22, 2023

How to stop complaining [2] -- Fix real problems

How to stop complaining [2] -- Fix real problems

Diagnose the major problems in your life and work out how to fix them

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Complaining can be a very good diagnostic tool for identifying the actual problems in our life. The key is not just to sit around complaining about the same things year by year to learn how the important issues affect us and how to fix them.

Awareness of the major flaws in our situation and mindsets allows us to make a strategy for how we want to address them going forwards and build a life we don't complain about.

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00:00 Problems and illusions of the mind

00:41 General framework for complaints

01:28 3 types of problems

01:59 1st type of problem - the problem you want to have

02:35 2nd type of problem - the problem you can do nothing about

04:01 3rd problem - the problems you do not want to have

04:50 Issues of fixed mindsets

05:57 Community and purpose

07:15 Too many interests and desires

10:29 Assessing the scale of a problem

11:56 How our problems change over time

13:01 Turning complaints into tools

15:00 Some wise words

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