May 25, 2023

How to stop complaining [3] -- Stoicism

How to stop complaining [3] -- Stoicism

The 5 most important lessons from Stoicism to transcend your problems

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Stoicism is the time-tested solution to life's problems and living with a greater peace of mind. In this mini-series of how to stop complaining we couldn't skip over the OG's of not complaining.

This episode breaks down the 5 most important concepts from Stoicism and how to apply them in the modern day:

  • The dichotomy of control
  • Amor Fait - Love of fate
  • Negative visualization
  • Virtue is the soul good
  • Mindful acceptance

With a few stories from Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius we get a great reminder of what's important in life =)

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00:00 Intro to Stoicism

01:59 1st concept - The dichotomy of control

04:33 2nd concept - Love of fate

08:08 3rd concept - negative visualization

09:55 4th concept - Virtue is the soul good

13:01 5th concept - Mindful acceptance

17:01 Outro

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