May 16, 2023

How to stop complaining [pt1] -- Gratitude for realists

How to stop complaining [pt1] -- Gratitude for realists

A practical solution to gratitude and reframing your problems

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No one likes people who complain and yet it is so hard to stop complaining about problems in our life. Gratitude is sold as the answer to all our happiness woes. Stop having expectations, be happy and grateful for what you have, and never let another day go to waste.

It's so simple and yet it doesn't work because it isn't that easy.

This episode covers the most powerful strategy that has helped people find gratitude in many areas they didn't feel possible without meditating, journaling or re-aligning their chakras. Just some simple psychology and reframing the information in their heads to make them see what they already know.

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00:00 Introduction to the flaw with gratitude

00:35 Standard tips on how to build gratitude

00:54 Issues with gratitude - focusing on problems

01:38 Example - Lawn being ruined

02:18 Example - Arctic trip

02:57 Example - Frustrating emails

04:16 Recurring theme - great achievements will come with problems

06:14 Planning ahead

08:00 Example - Social influencer trolls

08:53 Example - Romantic partner problems

09:37 Recap - Notice to see the positive side of things

11:35 Next week's episode - Problems you don't want to have

11:42 Outro

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