May 9, 2023

Seizing Opportunities - The Go For It Window

Seizing Opportunities - The Go For It Window

Spotting opportunities and luck before it's too late and making the most of these short windows in time where you should go for it. Popularised by David Perrel

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The Go For it Window was a concept introduced by David Perrel to help people spot giant opportunities in their life. Opportunities come around regularly but are mostly missed because we don't see them for what they are. Learning to spot luck as it happens and seize life's big chances is key to our success.

Developing a mindset that embraces change and discomfort is an essential part of the Growth Mindset and making the most of the "Go For it Windows" in our life.

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00:06 Intro

00:25 Overview of the "Go for It Window"

01:20 David Perel's explanation

03:50 People are blind to opportunities - have contrarian views

04:52 David Perel's example - AirBnB

05:41 Example #2 - Not getting a degree

06:40 Sam investing in Free Trade

07:19 Sam investing in a men's make-up company 

09:32 Quote from Thomas Edison 

09:45 Hostinger advert

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