July 19, 2022

Stop dreaming, start doing

Stop dreaming, start doing

Taking fun seriously

The difference between amateurs and professionals is process and dedication.

If you want to achieve big dreams or 'find your calling' you have to take consistent action. This episode dives into ways to make it happen and gives new ways to think about it.

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00:00 - Amateurs vs professional goal seeking
00:37 - Growth-minded ambition vs fixed minded
01:08 - The trap of "find your calling"
02:30 - The real work behind your calling
03:22 - "When I feel like it" means never
04:37 - Writing as a hobby or a profession
06:17 - Podcasting quality to be professional
08:58 - Making your own path
10:31 - Seeking a new purpose
12:28 - Questions to stop dreaming and start doing

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